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    Voicemail: 1.615.669.4455

    Fax: 1.615.691.7911

    66 Hermitage Avenue
    TN 37210

    Let us run with the numbers so you can run with your dream! Find out what our clients are saying.

    “The team at VITA is part of our Frothy Monkey family. Yes, VITA ensures a strong foundation of financial reporting and compliance, but the value lies in their passion for planning, operational efficiency, strategy, and problem-solving. To say that our company would not be the same without the involvement of VITA would be an understatement.”

    — Ryan Pruitt
    Managing Partner, Frothy Monkey

    “The entire Vita Finance team has been a huge asset to our small team. The seamless processes we have put in place have created fewer touchpoints while maximizing outputs. The team has been patient with us through multiple internal system transitions and a vital partner during the pandemic.”

    — Laurie Spradley
    Vice President of Operations & Brand, Goo Goo Cluster

    “If you want financial peace of mind and a strategic financial partner who will help you navigate growing and scaling your business, VITA Finance Services is it. From handling our books, payroll, forecasting and HR, VITA has allowed our team to do what we do best and crush our financial goals in the process.”

    — Kristin Carver Smith
    CEO/Founder, The New Fashioned Co

    “The Vita team has transformed my business, allowing me to grow and expand in ways that I never imagined were possible. When folks ask me what the secret to The Callaway's longevity has been, I always give props to Vita. Sometimes friends tell me they can't afford to invest in their help; my line is that they can't afford not to. A game changer.”

    — Libby Callaway
    Founder & CEO, The Callaway

    “Vita Services is one of the most important parts of our business. We can sleep at night knowing they are handling every detail of our finances. They are trustworthy, efficient, and hardworking. Our relationship with them is a big part of our success!”

    — Nealy Glenn
    Co-Owner, The Cordelle/Saint Elle

    “Vita has been mission critical in the development and growth of my business. Their structure, support, and strategy gives me the freedom to be the most effective and efficient with my time.”

    — Anthony Piedmonte
    Owner, Piedmonte & Co
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